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    Quality of training and scientific research

    Public Management is one of the 8 majors under the Master's program of International University - a member of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. Furthermore, to meet the demand for developing the faculty of doctoral-qualified lecturers and researchers in Public Management, International University established the Doctor of Public Management program as per Decision No. 908/QD-DHQG of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. The Master's and Doctoral program in Public Management is a unique, interdisciplinary program designed with a combination of basic research and applied research to meet the practical needs of developing administrative and non-business organizations, local and social departments in the field of Public Management. 

    The Master's and Doctoral courses in Public Management at International University -Vietnam National University HCM are designed to help learners apply academic knowledge and experience to work effectively at all levels of public sector management, as well as develop scientific research skills related to the field. The program focuses on developing in-depth knowledge and skills to improve work capacity in the administrative environment. Learners will be equipped with expert knowledge in the field of management as well as study, research, and formulate public policy. 

    Target learners: The program is not only for staff working in the public sector and seeking career advancement opportunities, but also aims at training learners who wish to develop their teaching and research careers in this field.

    Mission of the program: Implemented by educating and inspiring learners on careers in managing, executing, and analyzing policy in domestic and overseas non-profit governmental organizations. The Master's and Doctoral program in Public Management encourages learners to develop essential intellectual competence and expertise skills to perform public service jobs professionally and effectively. 

    Learners will experience the teaching method that combines theoretical and practical knowledge, management science and policy-making, including subjects such as public administration, public policy, management, leadership, international relations, economics, development research, and logical thinking. The program helps learners become leaders by equipping them with analytical, communication, and management skills to meet the practical needs of the modern public sector in accordance with the international integration trend.

    Scientific research: Learners of the Master's program in Public Management are encouraged to participate in scientific research activities by learning to comprehend, evaluate results, and discuss the practical implications of scientific papers. Especially, learners are encouraged to participate in conducting scientific research topics at all levels with lecturers. After that, learners can participate in overseas exchange programs as well as international seminars. 

    The Master's program in Public Management has achieved remarkable milestones in scientific publications in prestigious national and international journals. Many learners have published international articles during their training time, accumulating sufficient knowledge and skills in writing scientific articles to prepare for further study at the doctoral level afterward.

    Advancement opportunities

    The program helps learners develop the skills utilized by managers in implementing policies and projects. Learners will acquire essential analytical, communication, and management skills to help them become leaders in the public sector, improve work efficiency, use practice-based evidence to make scientifically objective decisions, propose and implement initiatives for the welfare of society and service responsibilities. After completing the Master's program in Public Management, learners will have many opportunities for career advancement in the public management sector of governmental and non-profit organizations.

    Self-learning and lifelong learning skills

    Besides in-depth skills, throughout the course of Public Management, learners are also trained in self-learning and lifelong learning skills. Self-learning skills help learners adapt well to different environments quickly as well as learn and solve risks effectively. Lifelong learning is the continuous, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons. Accordingly, learners not only develop their individual capabilities but also can maintain their competitiveness and employment in the face of social pressures as well as career advancement.

    Problem-solving skills and leadership ability

    In addition, students are equipped with problem-solving and leadership skills through activities of discussion, assignments, and essays on practical issues in Vietnam's current society. By experiencing practical problems, learners can perceive and deeply understand the theoretical knowledge of the program and apply what they have learned in the current social context. Accordingly, learners will not only improve their problem-solving skills but also have opportunities to develop their leadership ability and mindset.

    Vietnam's leading teaching – research university

    International University -VNU HCM is one of the leading teaching and research universities in Vietnam, with nearly 9,000 undergraduate students, nearly 800 graduate students and fellows, playing a prominent role in nurturing talent and providing high-quality labor for the Southern region. International University (IU) has 12 schools/ departments and specialized training centers, a campus in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, and a campus in Di An District, Binh Duong Province.

    IU has an international reputation for excellence in undergraduate education, offering quality programs designed in line with the needs of enterprises, suitable for domestic and international markets with AUN-QA accreditation (ASEAN University Network) for 11 Undergraduate and 2 Master's majors, along with ABET USA certification for engineering majors. VNU-HCM was ranked in the top 69% of universities in the QS World Rankings 2019 and in the 4% group of the world's leading universities out of 23,000 universities. Previously, VNU-HCM was placed in rank 142 in the Asia University Rankings - QS Asia 2017/2018.

    The development of postgraduate training programs is the focus of IU's development strategy to train the workforce of experts and scientists who play a vital role in the process of research and develop science and technology, with innovative training content, programs, and methods, especially in the direction of linking training with scientific research, diversifying programs and training methods.

    IU currently has 8 Master's majors: Business Administration, Biotechnology, Information Technology Management, Electronic Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Public Management, and Food Technology. In particular, there are two forms of training: Research and Research orientation. The program, equivalent to 45 to 60 credits, lasts for a period of 1.5 – 2 years. 

    IU owns a system of modern facilities to provide a spacious and convenient learning environment that not only helps learners gain access to knowledge and update skills more easily but also brings comfort throughout the learning process. In addition, the class size of 20-30 people ensures high-quality training so that learners can easily interact with one another and receive support from lecturers. 

    IU Library also has its facilities significantly invested, such as computers to serve the needs of learners to research information and more than 33,000 books in total. In addition, the library also offers utilities like examination and access to the e-library; self-study, group study space; document printing services; support/ training on document citation, etc., to support the learning and research process of learners as best as possible.

    IU's electronic materials for research are invested to encourage learners to participate in research activities with many creditable and diverse databases, including: Journal database purchased by IU for copyright access (Academic Onefile, Taylor & Francis); Shared journal database within VNU HCM: ProQuest, ScienceDirect, Springer, ACS, Emerald, MathScinet, OECDiLibrary, AccessEngineering, Access-Science...; Internal dissertation - thesis database (IU Thesis).