• Center for Public Administration

      International University

    Vision: Center for Public Administration strives to become an outstanding training center in the public sector through its commitment to developing and polishing the leadership skills of learners, in order to strengthen governance capacity and improve public policy for the purpose of sustainable socio-economic development.

    Mission: The mission of Center for Public Administration is to empower future leaders in governmental and non-profit organizations, by providing academic and practical knowledge of public policy and social issues, thereby encouraging them to take action for innovative, effective, professional, and ethical change. In addition, the training of doctoral-qualified policy researchers, policy appraisers, and public policy enforcement consultants is also a crucial mission of Center for Public Administration.

    To fulfill the above vision and mission, Center for Public Administration affirms its belief in the following core values:
    - Community spirit: Join hands in the development of transparent public management.
    - Perseverance: Persist in pursuing sustainable development solutions to address practical issues in the current society.
    - Innovation: Always expand its horizons and seek opportunities to overcome challenges and barriers to development.
    - Multi-dimension: Harmonize differences in culture, personal perspectives, beliefs, and ethnicities.
    - Ethics: Focus on accountability and transparency in public management, ensuring integrity in all aspects.